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by admin on February 12, 2011

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Ann Marie Leonard

Contact: Ann Marie Leonard

Address: Mt. Clinton Area

Products: Baked goods, jams, produce, plants, fruits.

Availability: Tuesday and Saturday Markets, Holiday Market, Seasonal.

About Us: Garden flowers enhance our wild bouquets. Our jams are made from homegrown fruits.

Practices and philosophy: Over 18 years experience in jam making with seasonal fresh fruits such as gooseberries, red and black raspberries, peaches and pears. Some low-sugar jams provided. Jams made within 24 hours of picking the fruit. Seasonal and holiday baked goods. Owner is eco-friendly and a good steward of the earth. Encourages everyone to eat healthy and also have something “really special.”

Aunt Esther’s Attic

Contact: Esther Ebey

Address: 6073 Rawley Pike, Hinton, VA 22831


Products: Crafts, plants, garden produce, chestnuts (October), and holly (November till Christmas).

Availability: Most every Tuesday and Saturday from the end of April through the end of the market season.

Practices and philosophy: I am a hobby gardener. I grow fresh produce for my own table and sell my surplus at the market. I don’t use pesticides so my produce is always “no spray”. I compost from non-animal food scraps, and yard debris such as fall leaves and fertilize lightly.

Avalon Acres

Contact: Lorinda Palin and Solly Walker

Address: 13433 Shepherd Lane Broadway, VA 22815

Phone: 540-896-1283



Products: Salad mix, greens, seasonal produce, eggs, floral bouquets, and a variety of herbal teas, rubs, and tinctures. Certified Naturally Grown

Availability: Saturday and Tuesday markets, April through November, special order lamb Nov-Jan , eggs and herbal tinctures by request year round

About Us: Farming is a lifestyle choice and more than full time for Lorinda. In addition to working on the farm, Solly has been doing  massage work for 28 years.  As Solly does in his bodywork, we look for imbalances in the farm, animals, plants, or soil and use gentle natural means to hold the right balance long enough for growth itself to re establish harmony.

Farming practices and philosophy: For 15 years Avalon has been lovingly tended using nature’s own processes to revitalize the soil – composted plant matter and manures, mulching, natural soil supplements, plant rotation, companion planting and cover crops. No chemical fertilizers or insecticides are used.

Our lambs are pasture-raised. We don’t rush their growth, use herbal/natural wormers, and take them directly to a meat processor on the morning they are butchered for a minimum of stress. Stress can put distasteful hormones into the meat. Sheep are an integral part of our farm as ecological mowers and fertilizers. We keep just enough sheep to be in balance with the rotated pasture.

Chickens are part of the overall plan also. They get all the weedings and kitchen scraps, insect pests hand-picked from the gardens, plus all they can gather when free-ranging the pasture in the afternoons. The poultry also have organic grain feed available with herbs and kelp added to winter rations. They produce bright-yoked eggs.

Bringing health to the soil and water, contentment to the animals and birds who share our lives, vitality to our food, freedom from pain for our bodies, and joy for our spirits – it is all part of Avalon dreams becoming reality.

Bluestone Vineyards

Contact: Curt & Jackie Hartman (owners), Amanda Mace (Event Coordinator)

Address:   4828 Spring Creek Road, Bridgewater, VA 22812

Phone:  (540) 828-0099



Products:  Vineyard & Winery, make and sell our own grape wines, reds and whites, sweet and dry.  We also host weddings, public events and other various private events.

Availability: At the Market on Saturdays from April through December.  Our Tasting Room is open year-round, seven days a week, Mon – Sat, 11:00a – 6:00p and Sun, 1p – 6p

About Us:  Curt and Jackie Hartman have lived west of Bridgewater on the hill above Jordan Stretch since 1995.  With their friends Phil and Lois Kreider (Misty Ray Winery), they began planting grapes on the hill in 2003 to make wine for personal use.  In 2007 they decided to make the vineyard a business and with advice from the researchers at Virginia Tech they laid out the vineyard, tested the soils, and chose the grapes to plant.

With the help of friends and family, four thousand red grape vines were planted on the south side of the hill in 2008.  During that time a vineyard crew consisting of Lee Hartman and Ben Geiser was formed, and during the winter of 2009 they laid out the north and east side of the hill for white grape vines and built the trellis system.  In the spring they planted four thousand more vines.

The 2009 wines were hand pressed in a temporary winery on the north side of their house.  The total production that year was about 500 cases.  In 2010 the winery was built and an additional 1,000 vines were added on the west side of the hill.  Using new equipment in the larger winery, Bluestone Vineyard processed 31 tons of grapes and made about 2,000 cases of wine.

Today’s production is about 5,000 cases.  Our two consultants who are very important and helping us today are, Jeanette Smith for vineyard management and Michael Shaps for wine making.

Burton Galleries

Contact: Kyle Anne Gabbard-Alley

Address: Harrisonburg, VA

Phone: 540- 246- 4204



Products: Photographs.

Availability: Saturdays, April through December.

About Us: Burton Galleries represents the work of Kyle Anne Burton.  She is best known for her “windows-in-windows.” Her photography has won several awards. She has a terrific sense of humor and enjoys good wine.


Byler Meats & More, LLC

Contact:  Hans Byler

Address: Broadway, VA

Phone: 540-820-2086


Products: BBQ chicken, Baked Beans, Cole Slaw, Lemonade, Mint Tea, Smoked Beef Jerky

Availability: Saturdays

About Us:   Our family has enjoyed serving the community for the last 3 years with our chicken and food truck.   Thank you to all our customers who make the farmer’s market such an enjoyable experience.

IMG_0396 Cabin Creek Roasters LLC

Contact: Monty Ruckman

Address: 4515 Swover Creek Road, Edinburg, VA 22824

Phone: (540) 984-3588




Products: Fresh roasted coffee blends for Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance, Shenandoah Valley Battlefield Foundation and 20 other coffees from around the world. We also serve iced coffee that is done through a cold brew process that eliminates all the acidity; which makes a smooth and flavorful drink and is ideal for individuals who experience sour stomach or acid reflux.

Availability: Saturday 8 am – 1 pm year round

About Us: Cabin Creek Roasters LLC is a small volume, specialty coffee roaster located in beautiful Shenandoah County, Virginia that provides only the best Arabica coffees from around the world and delivers them fresh to your door. We purchase single origin coffees from established coffee traders, who work closely with the growers and co-ops from various locations including Hawaii, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Brazil, Nicaragua, India, Indonesia, Ethiopia and Tanzania. Our small batch roasting guarantees consistency for each roast through established profiles and ensures that the quality of the coffee is maintained from the grower to your cup. We also offer several unique blends and private label blends for non-profit organizations and retailers. Try one of our coffees to experience the difference.


Charis Eco-Farm

Contact: Sue & Guy Freesen

Address: 3081 Shutterlee Mill Road, Staunton, VA

Phone: 540-886-8486



Products: Poultry, beef, pork, lamb, eggs, limited produce, quiche, granola, cookies, jams, fruit smoothies, lamb skins.

Availability: Throughout the year at the farm and the duration of the Market.

About Us: Charis is the Greek word for “grace/gift.” We believe our farm is a gift to us from God and we are being good stewards of the land by raising our stock and flocks naturally on pasture. You can find us on Facebook at: “Charis Eco-Farm.”

Farming practices and philosophy: We practice sustainable agriculture and humanely raise and care for our animals. We do not use growth hormones or synthetics in the feed. Our pastures and hay for winter feed are not sprayed. The sausage is MSG free, and the grain fed to pigs and poultry is GM-free.

Circle M Farms

Contact: Dorothy, Chris, and Jason Miller

Address: 130 Vance Rd., Bridgewater, VA 22812

Phone: 540-421-9422; 540-820-5919



Products: Broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, green beans, tomatoes, bell peppers, sweet corn, cantaloupes, watermelon, “sprite” melon, honeydew, blackberries, raspberries (red), spearmint (1/2 acre); natural Angus beef (1/2 or whole), hormone and antibiotic free.

Availability: Cole crops: late May; Beef: year round; fruits: seasonal.

About Us: Family owned and operated for 40 years, using natural production practices.

Farming practices & philosophy: We believe in sustainable agricultural practices. We produce and market beautiful, delicious and wholesome produce and beef.

Clover Blossom Farm

Contact: Harlan & Gayle Shirk

Address: 2703 Kerns Road, Dayton, VA 22821

Phone: Harlan: 540-383-4203; Gayle: 540-236-4401


Products: Breads: tomato herb, rosemary & sea salt, honey wheat, oatmeal, pumpkin, cinnamon raisin, zucchini; baked filled donuts: raspberry, double delight, blueberry, huckleberry, white crème; whoopie pies; jams & jellies (13 different varieties); strawberries in season. We also plan on raising salsify and yellow waxbeans.

Availability: Year round, except strawberries.

About Us: We started selling at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market in spring of 2009, with strawberries and jellies, jam and baked goods. Most of our products got their start from customer feedback. If you would like to have something available at the Market, or you are interested in other varieties of strawberries (such as Camarosa or Honeybee), please talk to us. You can also email us orders at; please email by Thursday for all orders.

Farming practices & philosophy: Harlan was interested in raising vegetables and selling them at the Market until Gayle discovered her talent in baking. Now she wants to start a bakery. We currently operate out of our house. We have 4,000 strawberries for the 2011 season, including Chandler variety and also some of the Sweet Charlie variety; our strawberry jam is made from our own berries.

Cosmic Earth

Contact: Krista Wilson Muldoon

Address: McGaheysville, VA


Website: ,

Products: Handmade clothing, including professionally hand-dyed eco-friendly/organic fabrics, as well as fun patterned prints, tote and hand bags in an array of sizes and designs, professional hand-worked tie dyes for babies and children, bandannas, knitted hats and warm weather gear. Also fashionable finds for your furry friends including scarves, collars, leashes and toys and an array of other interesting items crafted from our home.

Availability: Most Saturdays year round.

About Us: We are a husband and wife team that creates unique handcrafted items for use in your everyday life. Our clothing is made to be durable and easy to care for with all seams surged for long-lasting wear. We often dye our own material and have a line fashioned out of certified organic fabric. Our tie dyes are also done individually by hand using a perfected process and professional dyes. We are also happy to provide a line of items to keep your pets fashionable while being functional. All Cosmic Earth items are made by us in our home with attention to detail.

10592842_548351805270458_7107462152619847664_nCrazy Fox Roasting Co. LLC

 Contact name: Kevin Fox

 Address: 6989 Horeb Church Rd., Dayton VA. 22821

 Phone: 540-421-1150


 Products: Fresh Roasted Specialty coffee served by the cup or bag. Whole bean or ground coffee is


Availability: Tuesdays

About Us: Crazy Fox Coffee Roasting Co. is a small- batch, artisan roastery located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Since discovering specialty coffee for ourselves we’ve been on a mission to show our friends how good coffee can be. It’s hard not to be passionate about great coffee and it’s exciting watching new converts swear off the coffee they are used to drinking in favor of fresh roasted specialty coffee.


Doughnuts and More

Contact: Rosalind J Byler

Address: 1381 Hinton Rd., Dayton, VA 22821

Phone: 540-833-6105; 540-490-2887


Products: Doughnuts, pies, cookies, cinnamon rolls, sticky buns, soft pretzels, homemade candy, Danish pastry

Availability: We are at the market nearly every Saturday of the year. We have some
seasonal variation in products but are happy to make anything on order!

About us: Four of our seven children are still at home. Rosa (Mom) is the main baker, but everyone helps with preparation, cleanup, and putting away. Charles is our early-morning salesman and seasonal candy maker!

Philosophy: Our aim is to produce fresh homemade baked goods in the old-fashioned way—from scratch. We bake as close to market time as possible and buy many of our fruit ingredients locally, processing and freezing fresh fruit ourselves in the  summer. We take pride in our flaky pie crusts, chewy soft pretzels, and fresh-that-morning cinnamon rolls, doughnuts, and sticky buns. No one should have to eat a cardboard-crusted pie, a stale mass-produced cookie, or a day-old doughnut!

Double O Farm

Contact: Candy and Phil Olsen

Address: 323 South McDaniel Lane, Shenandoah, VA 22849

Phone: 540-652-6008


Products: Strawberries, blackberries, peaches, nectarines, apples, plums, pears, sweet potatoes, vegetables, pumpkins and fall mums.

Availability: May through October.

About Us: We began planting our orchard in 2005. Our fruits include over 30 varieties of both peaches and apples, 10 varieties of plums and pears, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. 2008 will be our first season to crop our fruits. We hope to become full-time farmers by 2009 and provide our community with high-quality local fruit.

Farming practices and philosophy: We use the integrated pest management program for our spray guide, using the lowest rate possible and extending the pre-harvest interval when we can. Leaf and soil analysis are used to determine fertilizer needs, using natural fertilizer products whenever possible. Our dogs are keeping the deer, groundhogs and rabbits under control. We hope to teach them to run the crow from the orchard as they are our most damaging pest. We hope to see you at the Market.

Elk Run Farm

Contact: Jim & Susan Randall

Address: Fort Defiance, VA


Products: Vegetables from asparagus to zucchini, herbs, perennials, garden plants, lamb, chickens–both broilers and stewing hens, free-range eggs, and pastured pork.

Availability: Plants and produce available in season at the Tuesday Market and Winter Markets. Our pastured pork is available year round at the farm.

About Us: We are veteran small-scale growers. We do the whole job from planting to harvest to delivering our produce to you ourselves.

Farming practices and philosophy: We grow organically, though we are not certified. We are dedicated to bringing you the freshest produce available.

Fine Flours Bakery, LLC

Contact Names: Valerie Silveira and Jonathan Ramsey

Address: Harrisonburg, VA

Phones: 540-271-2217 and 540-430-5598



Products: A variety of gourmet gluten-free baked goods.

Availability: Saturdays and Tuesdays.

About Us: We are a home-based bakery in Downtown Harrisonburg. Fine Flours Bakery LLC was created to provide bread and baked goods to people who no longer eat wheat but still want to enjoy fresh and tasty baked goods. All of our products are baked from scratch using unique gluten-free flour blends and as
many fresh ingredients as we can find.